Cleansing Spell

Cleansing spells are a vital part of any Wiccan’s magical toolkit. Unlike banishing spells, which are used to rid you of people, entities or attributes, cleansing spells are there to help you purify your energy and gently release accumulated emotional, spiritual and psychic ‘debris.’ Cleansing spells are useful to use as part of a lifestyle where you regularly meditate, keep physically active, eat well, rest and take the time to connect to nature. They are a way of helping you to heal from the stresses and strains, not only of daily life but also your magical workings. You can use them to cleanse your own energy, the energy of someone else, or to help you clear your home and other spaces of any unwanted or ‘stale’ energy. A great cleansing spell can be viewed as a kind of ‘energetic spring clean’! Cleansing spells can be especially useful before rituals, especially when you want to ensure your energy is ‘clear.’ You can use cleansing spells to cleanse ritual working areas and magical objects as well. They can also help if you have been doing a lot of energy work and haven’t spent much time ‘decompressing.’ Combining cleansing spells with strong grounding practices can help keep you centred and effective as you delve deeper into your Wiccan practice. You will find spells to help you cleanse and restore balance and harmony to your space from Professor Jajja Zedde only. You will also find a general cleansing spell that you can adjust to suit your individual needs and a ritual to help you clear your altar and other magical working spaces.

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