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The action of hurting or harming someone in return for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands.

Revenge Spell Caster > spells to punish someone

Revenge is a blindness against of our own because when we want to take revenge so we cross every limitation and boundaries of all rights and we forget every relation then we act like devil, if some one has ruin our life so first part is we should forgive him/her I know it is easy to say but practically it is not possible and yes some people are not be able to forgive they deserve Revenge as they did because some people who do bad things they should get what they deserve? Every month I hear hundreds of phone calls about Revenge like ex-girlfriend/boyfriend wants to take Revenge or Revenge for property or Revenge against Revenge and many type of Revenge even brother wants Revenge against his own brother and children want Revenge against their own parents.


Revenge Spells

Revenge spell to harms someone’s health so that they experience illness & permanent health problems

Voodoo revenge spell to harms someones business causing their business to fail & lose clients

Black magic revenge spell to harms someones finances. Binding revenge curses spells to harm someones love life of someone

Revenge curses spells

Revenge spells > Spell to punish someone

Revenge spells to cause someone bad luck, punish your enemies, or cause someone harm & voodoo revenge spell to breakup a relationship or marriage.

Get revenge with revenge spells, curses spells, hexes, black magic & voodoo revenge spell curses that will cause someone suffering, paid & disasters in their life.
First of all I want to say to every one you should avoid Revenge but if there is no any possible way so we can help you we can do as you want, it is not fine to write here what can we do but you can discuss on phone what ever you want I am writing here some of Revenge parts these can be done by Black Magic

Revenge spells >Vengeance spell, retribution, retaliation, reprisal, requital, recrimination, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, tit for tat, measure for measure, getting even spell, redress spell, satisfaction spells, Spells for repayment, payback spell

Spells to punish someone
Break engagement or relationship
Make Paralyse Full Body or Half Body
Make Full Mad or Half Mad
Make Millionaire to Beggar
Make jobless
Make Financial problem
Stop Pregnancy or bind womb (cant have baby)
Stop Marriage (cant have marriage)
Make Failure in study and education
Make Some One Prostitute (Female & Male)
Make Heavy illness
…………………………………………………………. AND MANY MORE ……………………………………………………..